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هنر پیشه | تهیه کننده

Golsa Sarabi is an international star and an action actor.

She was born in Tehran, Iran and now is a US Permanent resident and lives in Los Angeles.

Golsa has a diverse experience in performing arts, which includes film, stage, producing and script writing.
She just finished a short movie at the Sundance Film Festival with being the First Title Above Billing. She also played as one of the leads in a TV Pilot called “By Design” recently!

She got nominated as the Best Actress at the Burbank International Film Festival for her lead role in the movie called “Dreams I never had” opposite Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens! Golsa was the first winner of the “Young Acting Award” at the “Lee Strasberg institute” in Los Angeles, where she completed a two year intensive method acting program.

گلسا سرابی یک ستاره بین المللی و بازیگر اکشن است

وی در تهران به دنیا آمد و هم اکنون اقامت دائم ایالات متحده است و در لس آنجلس زندگی می کند

گلسا تجربه های زیادی از جمله بازیگری (فیلم و تئاتر)، نویسندگی و تهیه کنندگی در هنر های نمایشی دارد. او به تازگی با داشتن عنوان اول، یک فیلم کوتاه را در جشنواره ساندنس به پایان رساند. او همچنین اخیرا در سریال تلویزیونی به نام “طبق نقشه” به عنوان یکیاز بازیگران نقش اصلی بازی کرد. 
او به دلیل نقش اصلی در فیلم “رویاهایی که
هرگز نداشتم” در مقابل مالکوم مک داوول و رابین گیونز کاندیدای جایزه بهترین” بازیگر نقش اول زن ” در جشنواره بین‌المللی بوربنک شد! گلسا اولین برنده جایزه “بازیگر جوان” در …. بود، جایی که وی دو سال دوره فشرده متد اکتینگ را پشت سر گذاشت. 

Dreams I never had

Lead *Above Title

Missing Peace Pictures

Tailor Made


War bonds Production

Water from the paper cup


War bonds Production

Small City


Pars Production

Lunch & Maybe a date


Pars Production



Herbert Barraza



Karnameh Productions

Thinking of U


Iraj Sotoudeh

By Design

Series Regular

Jou Jou Papaillar

Queen of Universe

Ms. Iran/Queen of the Universe Award Winner

Infinity Media



Marilyn Monroe Theatre

Boom Boom Room


Haven Theatre

Golden Boy


Lee Strasberg Theatre

Danny & the deep blue sea


Lee Strasberg Theatre

I wish


The House of Cultures

Our Story


Niavaran Theatre

Ms. Goldooneh


Niavaran Theatre



Molavi Theatre

Scene Study

The Acting Center


Pamela Shae

Scene study

Margie Haber Studios

Audition on camera, Acting for Film/TV

Lee Strasberg Institute

Method Acting, Movement, Voice

Lee Strasberg Institute

Film Fighting, Dialects, Comic Improv

Lee Strasberg Institute

Advanced Commercia



Vincent Chase

Acting on Stage

Karnameh Institute


Farsi & English


Boxing, Horseback riding, Basketball, Volleyball, Dance, Swimming, Running

Dreams I Never Had

  • Nominated as the Best Actress at the “Burbank International Film Festival”
  • Winner of the Best Feature Film and best actor at the “Burbank International Film Festival”
  • Winner of the Best Feature Film at the “San Pedro Internatial Film Festival”
  • Winner of the Best Feature Film at the “Wind International Film Festival”
  • Winner of the Best Feature Film at the “Lucky Strike Film Festival”
  • Winner of the Best Feature Film at the “SOUQ Film Festival”

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