I am Golsa Sarabi

A student of Shakespeare, and I chose a career that just like life, it’s going to be a constant learning experience for me!

I started acting in Iran with a family that was completely against it. Other than my dad, that even though he didn’t really like the decision, he still remained supportive ….
I was studying information technology at an international university at the time, and after getting accepted at one of the top acting schools in Tehran, I started training there and my acting journey has begun ….

At some point in my life, I had to move to Seattle where my mom used to live and for a while I tried to stay away from the entertainment world and continued to study science again! At the same time, since I’ve been always interested in health and fitness, I’ve received some personal training and wellness certifications from top notch academies.

But, I wasn’t happy … So, I decided to move to LA and follow my heart again. I got titled as “Ms. Iran” in the “Queen of the Universe” pageant and then won the “Queen of the Universe” Award !! During the same year, I won the first “Young Acting” Award at the Lee Strasberg institute and I studied there on partial scholarship for two consecutive years!

For me, acting is a spiritual experience and it’s about personal growth. I remember during my recent work in “Dreams I never had” movie, starring with Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, there were times that we took a break and it felt like I was in a different paradigm, which was parallel to life and when I was back, it would feel like an euphorian experience!

I’m a student of Shakespeare, and I chose a career that just like life, it’s going to be a constant learning experience for me! I can Never say; “I know it all”, and I always want to learn and experience the next phase with an open heart and mind ….



Great question, I choose the first option because I believe that we all came here from the non-physical and each of us has chosen the contrast and the environment that we live in because we wanted to experience the expansion and growth! If I don’t choose the second option, it doesn’t mean that I choose poverty or other things that break my heart in the world! But, I believe that each person has come to this world with a path to joy and expansion that he/she has chosen, and I’m not here to make a decision for him/her. I’m here to be an uplifter and inspire others by the example of my clarity to find their own guidance and experience the joy and expansion that they came to this physical body to experience.

Cinema Paradiso – the first movie that my acting teacher gave me to watch in Iran, at least 3 times.
Godfather – the best of all time and maybe at least 3 times.
The Silence of the Lambs – incredible movie and mostly 3 times.
First they killed my father – an incredible movie by the one and only Angelina Jolie and I couldn’t watch it more than once because it was so intense!

I’m in constant growth and expansion. I don’t think it ever ends till I take my last breath 🙂

Fear has never been a factor for me, and failure either! The scariest thing for me was horseback riding because of a very scary experience in my childhood, which in fact I started to take horseback riding classes to confront my fear and I did.
There was a time that I wasn’t sure about my path, regarding what’s wrong and what’s right, or how would the public react to the things that I was doing, but I did them anyway and each step I’ve gained experiences which made me the person that I am today 😊

Any time that I act, I feel so passionate and alive! But, I feel that way in my boxing, horseback riding especially when I jump, working out, co-creating with other people and in life generally! Life, by itself, is magnificent and I love feeling alive and passionate even when I just go for a coffee with a friend!

Everything, every morning that I wake up, I appreciate my life, my physical being in this world, and recently I have a notebook that I write things that I’m so appreciative of regarding my body, my home, my relationships, and my work!

No one, I was jealous only once in my life, when I used to live in Seattle and at that time I was an honor student and was managing 20 employees at one of the top fitness centers in Seattle, but I wasn’t acting! Something happened, and I felt the jealousy so vividly that I called my friend in CA and we planned on starting a play, and in a few months I moved to LA and started my journey here to Hollywood! When I felt that jealousy, I knew that I had to make the move and the change in my life, because I wasn’t happy!

There’s no giving up, my mentality has changed drastically within the past few months! I have realized that I am the creator of my reality! Yes, I have been away from my family, and yes I can’t go back to Iran and yes to so many things that we can call them giving up or sacrifices, but I don’t like those words, and I don’t like focusing on them! I prefer to focus on the beautiful growth and expansion that is in front of me and all the beautiful manifestations (dreams) that are flowing into my life experience by the power of my focus and desires.

I love the person that I am, and I’m happy of the person that I am, and most importantly I am so appreciative of knowing who I Really Am, which is source energy and knowing that I came to this physical body in this time-space reality to sift and sort through contrast, knowing what I do want and what I don’t want, then give my undivided attention to what I want, and build the beautiful, happy and joyful expansion that I came here for.

I’m meeting God every day and I get my answers to any questions that I ask 😊

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