Hi! Thank you for checking out my website and I hope that you’ll enjoy the journey ….

I believe that when I’m acting everything stops … I live in a different paradigm which is parallel to life and feels like a euphoria!! I remember during my recent work in “Dreams I never had”, starring with Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens, there were times that we took a break and it felt like, my soul would take a little time to come back to this planet …. 

I started acting when I used to live in Iran! I can still recall the day that I told my dad; “I want to be an actor”! Obviously, he was completely shocked, because I was enrolled in an international university to get my bachelor’s degree in information technology. Fortunately, I was truly blessed that he accepted and respected my decision and remained supportive since then …. After passing a test and getting accepted at one of the top acting schools in Iran, I got involved in different projects! But, life didn’t stay that way …. 

I had to move to Seattle where my mom used to live, because of our family immigration status! So, for a while I tried to be this good daughter who went to school full time and studied business, was the honor student, and at the same time got all the top notch personal training, wellness and nutrition certifications because she had so much passion for fitness and helping other people! Unfortunately, at some point I’ve realized that my heart wasn’t fulfilled and happy despite of all the success that I was earning at school and at work! So, I decided to move to LA in 2012, and while I was playing as a lead actor in a Persian play, I got accepted as Ms. Iran in the “Queen of the Universe” pageant! It was such a great opportunity for me because, I had always dreamed of having a voice that can be heard, being able to make changes in this world and most importantly stand up for women of my country! In 2013, I was the first Persian woman after 35 years of the Islamic revolution who was from Iran and competed among 57 of the most beautiful women in the world and won the “Queen of the Universe” Award!! During the same year, I won the first “Young Acting” Award at the Lee Strasberg institute, where it used to be my dream to be able to study acting there, and I started studying acting for two consecutive years! The rest regarding the projects that I was involved in, and what’s happening right now, can already be found on papers! But, what cannot be found in any websites or even on papers are the beautiful memories, experiences, challenges and even the fights that a person conquers every day to stay true to herself and pursue her dreams! I believe that life is full of new experiences and we learn new things every day …. We can never say that we know it all, even till we take our last breaths, just like as acting … I can Never say that I know it all, and it’s NEVER ever Enough ….