See Golsa Sarabi
as Olia in By Design

The #1 TV show on UKW Media & Roku Player

Written & Directod by:
Jou Jou Papailler

Drama | TV Show


Golsa Sarabi

Erica Shaffer


Jaqueline Fleming


Mohith Buxani


Jou Jou Papailler


Tim Gooch

"Marry well and divorce better"


Gladys, Samantha, and Olia are a multicultural powerhouse (black, white, Iranian): three best friends-a lawyer, a rich housewife and a psychiatrist. They hide an abusive marriage, a daughter’s date rape, and their overall unhappiness to keep up appearances.

They wear their masks well until one of them goes too far-when she covers up an accidental manslaughter.

The stress of the secret strains the friendships and will destroy them all unless they can find the unconditional love which bound them together at first.

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